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Service Protocol

Service Protocol

After-sales service items:
1、Door to door equipment installation and adjustment
2、Training on usage and maintenance of the equipments
3、Free software update and installation service
4、1 year free warranty for printers, component replacement charges at cost price
5、1 year warranty for barcode scanner and data collector
6、Life cycle maintenance for sold products. Component replacement charges at cost price after warranty
7、Providing consumables at favorable prices(label paper, carbon tapes, etc.)
8、Technical consulting from experts by phone
9、Online question answer by e-mail


Services and support:
1、We can provide you free materials according to your demand to make sure you can understand us and our industry more detailedly.
2、For the customers in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing, we can provide you visiting demonstration within 24 hours according to your demand. For other regions, we can provide the visitation within 48 hours.
3、You can choose door to door or other types of installation and training service. We can provide door to door service within 24 hours for customers in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing and within 48 hours for other regions. 4、We can provide you on-demand consumables and ensure the high printing quality of the consumables. You can ask for the latest information of our products any time.
5、We will trace our products by means of phone call, fax, visiting service or other methods, collect the feedback from customers for our products in time.
6、In the warranty period, we provide free visiting maintenance service or provide the maintenance by mail. After the warranty, we can still provide you the maintenance, but we will charge you the cost price for the replaced components.
7、We provide visiting maintenance service within 24 hours; if you choose the service by mail, we will resolve the failure for you within 3 working day(travel time is not included)
8、After the warranty, we will only charge you the cost price for the replaced components

Onsite equipment installation:
Visiting installation and adjustment of the equipments is performed by our experienced engineers

Service items:
● Equipment installation
● Consumables installation
● Printing test
● Equipment adjustment
● Connecting with PC and printing
● Basic onsite training(once)


Onsite service:
●Updated warranty service : 2200 RMB for each printer per year. For the customers who are more than 50 kilometers away, we will charge you the round-trip travel expenses. Consumables after warranty will be charged at cost price and require immediate payment.


Equipment maintenance in maintenance center:
●Maintenance within warranty:When the trading contract between the customer and our company becomes effective according to the settlement terms, the customer will have 1 year warranty of maintenance from the date of shipment. After the warranty, all consumables are charged at cost price and should be paid immediately. Mailing of replaced component to the customer is provided by China Railway Express or other intra-city express companies, the delivery expenses will be charged on our company.
●Other maintenance:cost of consumables + service fee(200 RMB per hour), payment before shipment is required. The lowest maintenance fee per equipment unit is 300 RMB. The customer will be charged for the delivery expenses.

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