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Downloads(Click on the name to download)

1、Barcode Printer Driver
Name Caption Size
TEC drivers Printer Driver 2m
ZEBRA drivers Printer Driver 8.7m
ARGOX drivers Printer Driver 638kb
DATAMAX drivers Printer Driver 2.35m
TSC dricers Printer Driver 764kb
GODEX dricers Printer Driver 291kb
2、Barcode label design printing software
TSC nice label TSC Label design printing software 10.53m
bartender The most powerful label design printing software 85m
ARGOX lite Label design printing software 4.3m
ZEBRA designer Label design printing software 9.26m
codesoft for ARGOX 4.21 Label design printing software 2700kb
codesoft for ARGOX 6.0 Label design printing software 33.92m
lablematrix v7.02 Label design printing software 64.5m
labelview7.0 Label design printing software 24.1m
labelview6.07 Label design printing software 11.53m
labelmatrix Label design printing software 8.07m
bar-one Label design printing software 13.51m
bar-one Label design printing software 6.98m
GODEX qlabel GODEX Label design printing software 36m
2100E Barcode Printer Label design printing software 3.47m
Clothing icon Clothing icon 75kb
TEC Barcode Printer Instruction Set TEC Barcode Printer Instruction Set(PDF document) 1.3m
3、Handheld Terminal Data communications software and font download
Name Caption Size
CASIO Communications program CASIO Communications program 1.49m
CASIO Demo CASIO Demo 160kb
tu3w DENSO communications program 21kb
it3cw32 DENSO communications program 174kb
BHT-font DENSO BHT font 323kb
DENSO setting DENSO Setting caption 101kb
4、DENSO Handheld Terminal Application Demo
Name Caption Size
BHT-100Q BHT-100Q Application Demo 7kb
BHT-300 BHT-300 Application Demo 258kb
BHT-7264 BHT-7264 Application Demo 258kb
BHT-7364 BHT-7364 Application Demo 258kb
BHT-7500 BHT-7500 Application Demo 258kb
BHT-8000 BHT-8000 Application Demo 258kb
5、Barcode scanner software download
Name Caption Size
visualsetup_visualsetup_4_1 DATALOGIC Setting software 19.8m
CCD v2.10r Eagleyes CCD Manual settings, Click here to view the wiring methods 0.98m
c1000 Manual settings 95kb
d100 Manual settings 616kb
ESP_3_1 MS-3 Setting software 26.5m
NCR 7883 Manual settings(.pdf) .rar NCR 7883 Manual settings 1065kb
NCR 7882 NCR Series Manual settings 540kb
Opticon 6735 Opticon Manual settings 1080kb
Symbol LS1902 Manual settings 1500kb
Name Caption Size
Barcode font Barcode font 788kb
QR maker QR Code OCX 538kb
Setup screen Checkout display settings 87kb
Screen programming manual Screen programming manual 75kb
Serial read data procedures (dos) Serial keyboard simulation(dos) 107kb
Serial read data procedures Serial keyboard simulation(windows 2000) 44kb
Serial read data procedures(Common) Serial keyboard simulation(Common) 320kb
winrar Decompression software 940kb
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