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R&D Solutions
Data collection solution by scanner and cell phone
Only with one portable blue tooth scanner and one blue tooth cell phone which can access to the Internet, we can achieve data collecting tasks. This solution can totally replace expensive wireless mobile data collecting terminal equipments in some...[Details]
Warehouse wireless barcode management
By introducing barcode technology into warehouse management, we can perform automatic data collecting for receiving inspection, warehouse stock in/out, allocation, transfer, inventory etc. It ensures the efficiency and accuracy of data input for every operation in warehouse management, provides the company the ability to check the real...[Details]
Wireless ticket checking application
Perform accurate, quick and real time ticket information collecting, achieve interaction between the ticket collector and the manage center to know the ticket checking information quickly. Print randomly produced anti-fake number on the ticket in the form of barcode at the time the ticket is sold, and use the data collecting equipment...[Details]
Mobile GPRS application
GPRS wireless communication frees us from the position limitation born with the wire communication in the past, we can expand the business network any time we want and all the data can be transferred back to the database in the center. With GPRS, operators can send back the collected barcode data easily to the center using wireless...[Details]
Barcode wireless mobile printing solution
With mobile business becoming the main business model, the printing market is entering a “mobile”era. During this evolution, not only the traditional super-portable, personalized design and high-quality output keep playing important roles, the “mobile” business related expansibility, manageability, multi-linking method and the blue tooth...[Details]
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