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Practical Cases
Da Zhen has many years of research work and abundant experience on barcode systems, we helped to implement the barcode management resolutions for many big companies.
  • ·Barcode management system for product line...
  •  Dongguan Huaqiang Sanyo Technology
  • ·Barcode management system for inventory and...
  •  China Resources Vanguard Co., Ltd.
  • ·Barcode tracing system for cargo logistics
  •  Shenzhen Gongsuda Logistics Co., Ltd.
  • more
R&D Solutions
Matured barcode application system intergration solutions are widely used in the fields of warehouse, wireless application, mobile GPRS and fixed asset management。
Industry Solutions
As a key point in information technology, automatic identification technology has become a vital technology in the information management in all kinds of industries。
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