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DENSO BHT-700 Series

Handheld Terminal
Featuring new technology software for improved reading of high density (narrow bars/spaces), poorly printed (coarse printing) barcode. A scanning increased depth of field with snappy scanning response improves operator efficiency.

DENSO BHT-300Q Series

2D Handheld Terminal
· Outstanding Scanning Performance
· Superior Operability
· Wide Range of Scanning Features
· Industry-leading impact resistance and superior operating environment features
· Passes IEC International Standards Protection Class IP54...

DENSO BHT-300B Series

Handheld Terminal
Utilizing industry-leading performance and advanced scan(CCD), the BHT-300B Series achieves touch reading and distance reading of up to 450 mm (when narrow bar width is 1.2 mm).

DENSO BHT-8000 Series

Handheld Terminal
· Sophisticated reading capability facilitates operating efficiency
· Large liquid crystal display provides enhanced visibility
· Adapts to any situation, anywhere, with superior operability
· Ample memory ensures reliable data collection
· Vibration ensures reliable reading confirmation

DENSO BHT-200 Series

Handheld Terminal
· Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET
· Progressive Advanced Scanning
· QVGA color large display
· High Durability
· Grip model
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