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Datalogic jet Industrial PDA



The Datalogic JET™ family provides professional PDAs that extend the power of enterprise computing to all areas of supply chain management: from planning and production, to warehousing and transportation.


 SAP Certified - Integration with SAP Application
GS1 databar compatible (To know more)
Route PAD System for Zebra RW420 Printer
Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 or Microsoft Windows Mobile 6
Intel PXA270
Laser, Imager and Laser+RFID HF-ISO
13.56 MHz data capture options
1.5 m (5 ft) drop resistance
IP64 protection class
User-accessible memory slot
Bluetooth®, 802.11 b/g CCX V4 certified, GSM/GPRS, GPS simultaneous communication options
Large high visibility QVGA color graphic display with touch screen
Ergonomic, lightweight and robust


Datalogic JET™, the powerful Datalogic PDA with state-of-the-art architecture and the most advanced technologies, provides the most suitable power levels for capturing, computing and communicating data faster and easier.


The Datalogic JET™ offers superior wireless simultaneous communication capabilities (WPAN, WLAN, WWAN and GPS technology) in the same and ergonomic form factor.


The Datalogic JET™ presents mobile professionals with the most relevant features needed to operate in demanding environments: reliability, ruggedness, drop resistance, long lasting batteries, flexible communication and efficient data capture. In addition to the highest robustness and reliability in its class, other key features of the Datalogic JET™ include fully integrated automatic data capture (bar codes, RFID tags and images).


Thanks to a set of accessories, such as a vehicle cradle (standard and loud speaker), cigarette lighter power adapter and dashboard mounting kit, combined with state-of-the-art technology inside the PDA, the Datalogic JET™ is the right answer for all data management needs on the move.


It offers a multi-operating system option: Windows CE 5.0 that guarantees maximum flexibily and Windows Mobile 6 that offers complete compatibility.


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