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CipherLab 1660 Portable Bluetooth Barcode scanner



The 1660 pocket-size scanner is CipherLab's handiest solution, combining the features you need in a pocket-size scanner. Smaller than a mobile phone, the 1660 BT scanner packs a lot of scanning power in a small mobile package. Built-in BT allows instant data scanning to a BT-compatible PDA, notepad PC or any BT device. It continually operates through multiple shifts on a pair of replaceable AAA batteries, never interrupting work for a recharge. And when you're out of BT range, 256k of on-board memory holds hundreds of scans until you're back in range.


Our handiest, most versatile BT pocket-size scanner
Built-in BT for instant connections, anywhere, any time
Speedy 100 scans/second for fast, accurate workflow
Lightweight, ergonomic design for repetitive use
D.O.F. 3.5 to 38 cm, resolution 3 mil, minimum 30% PCS
Line of sight coverage up to 10 meters or 33 feet
Supports multiple languages and symbologies for worldwide applications
Low power consumption
Includes free ScanMaster software

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