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Sirius S-7030

Omni Directional Scanner
The new benchmark in elegant scanning! The Scantech Sirius scanner combines the demand for table mounted- and hand held scanning. The ergonomic design ensures effortless handling and the sympathetic good ...

Nexus N-3030

Omni Directional Scanner
The choice of every retailer Setting the new benchmark for omni-directional scaning, the Nexus N-3030 takes an unique position in the market. With an unequalled 2480 scans/second and an unique scan pattern of 24 scan lines, the Nex...


Omni Directional Scanner
The flexible vertical scanning solution The Pollux is an innovative food retail scanner, optimised for vertical installations. Many retailers enjoy its combination of an unequalled performance and enormous installation flexibility. Furthermore, the Pollux is famous for...


Omni Directional Scanner
The flattest horizontal scan solution The Castor is the high-performance food retail bar code scanner and the pearl under the horizontal scanners. Designed from a quality point of view, the Castor comes with a stainless steel top deck to ensure a long lifetime and with...


Omni Directional Scanner
The Scantech Gemini is a unique modular bi-optic solution. With the guarantee of two fully optimised fly-by scan patterns, the Gemini combines the best out of two worlds: The Pollux P-4010 for vertical scanning and the Castor C-5010 for horizontal scanning. Designed from a retai...
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