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NCR announced its barcode scanning products for retailing are officially into China market



  As leading providers of retailing IT equipment and service in China, Da Zhen Barcode and TecTrans Technology have a large number of stable customers and a complete sales and service network. After this contract being signed, the 2 companies, with their retailing industry information technologies and service system all over the country, will help NCR’s barcode scanner products for retailing including fixed barcode scanning platform and hand-held type barcode scanning system, and provide the corresponding after-sales service.

  NCR is a leading provider of automatic identification barcode scanning product and technology in the world, providing a whole set of hand-held, double model and fixed scanning platforms. The design of its products is on the top level and shorten the training time without any decrease in scanning accuracy and speed. NCR RealPOS™ Scanning Platform has large applicability, can be used almost anywhere and in any situation without the limitation of funding.

  In year 2008,NCR introduced NCR ReaPOS 74 compact type 2-window scanning platform and NCR RealPOS 84 single-window scanning platform into China market,adding new members in the family of scanning platform products. Compared with other similar products, these 2 types of scanning platform can scan 40% longer distance per second, can scan almost all types of barcode, strong scanning ability especially for those badly-printed, defiled or undersized barcodes. Besides, all these NCR scanning platforms have USB port, can be easily connected with USB hand-held scanning equipment and updated the platform software using U disk.

  “It is our pleasure to cooperate with Da Zhen Barcode and TecTrans Technology which are very powerful companies.” Said NCR Business Retailing/ Hotel and Restaurant GCG General Manager Chen Lukuan, “It’s a big step of NCR retailing department in constructing a complete channel architecture in China, it improved the sales and service of NCR retailing barcode scanning products for the retailers all over the country. With the powerful sales and service network of Da Zhen Barcode and TecTrans Technology, NCR will provide better scanning products and solutions to retailers all over the country, help them to change their business model and provide better service to the consumers.”

  Shenzhen Da Zhen Barcode Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Ge Xuemin said, “Da Zhen Barcode and NCR have long years of cooperation, becoming the strategic partner of NCR barcode scanning products is a large honor of us. As a company with over 100 years of history in retailing industry, NCR keeps making technical innovation and updating its products. NCR has numerous inventions and patents in retailing industry, and is famous for keeping the excellent performance of its products. We hope, through the deep cooperation, we can provide innovative solutions for customers, improve the efficiency and competitive power of the retailers, eventually, improve the automatization of retailing industry in China.”

  Beijing TecTrans Technology Co., Ltd. president Li Hui said, “ As one of the most early retailing technology provider in China market, NCR is famous for its advanced retailing technology. I and the members of my team started our business in retailing automatization industry more than 10 years ago, and at that moment, the company which we provide service for was selling POS and barcode scanning products of NCR. It’s very exciting to have the honor to be the strategic partner of NCR. We will do our best to promote the barcode scanning products and solutions of NCR, and bring the newest products and ideas of NCR into China market, help to develop the retailing industry in China.”

  Back in 1987, the business of NCR already entered the China market, providing cash register products. Now, the company is not only providing a whole set of solution for the automatization of retailing stores, but also providing self-service or ancillary service solutions for finance, traveling, medical and other industries and organizations. NCR keeps helping China’s retailing industry to improve its competitive power with its leading products, technologies and philosophy. NCR makes the world interact in a totally new way, and helps consumers and companies contact, interact and do business in a revolutionary way.

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