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DaZhen got distribution rights from Datalogic(Italy)


On April 7th, 2007,Da Zhen Barcode Technology Co., Ltd got distribution rights from Datalogic, an Italian Brand of barcode scanning equipments.


Datalogic is the biggest manufacturer of industrial barcode reader, wireless data collector and rfid system equipment. Datalogic went public in Milan, Italy. The avenue of 2003 reached 1.3 billion . The global center of Datalogic is in Reno City of USA, the European center is in Bologna of Italy. Its branch companies are in Japan, Australia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, British etc. Datalogic has distributors and maintenance center in over 40 countries, providing high-quality products and service for the customers of these countries.


Datalogic which has over 30 years of history provides high-quality, multi-function and excellently-designed barcode products for barcode users all over the world. It is , without any doubt, the leader in automatic identification industry in the world. Especially, its uss(unattended scanning systems) – stationary type barcode scanning readers are widely used for automatic data collecting in automatic production lines, logistics and transportation etc. The products of Datalogic , with their high quality and good performance, are widely used in logistics, manufacturing, transportation, retailing and other industries. The customers of Datalogic include many famous enterprise: dell、dhl、esso、fedex、fiat、p&g、toyota、ups, etc. In 2005, Datalogic introduced a brand new automatic identification concept : m&3c (mark,capture,compute and communicate),which led a new revolution in automatic identification.

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