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· Keep looking forward, dedicate to the business, overcome any obstacles with perseverance and faith;
· Pursue excellence, keep winning in the market competition, keep transcending the past achievement, progress by introspection, keep learning, keep making progress;
· Pursue the happiness when achieving the goals, enjoy the fun of struggle.


· Innovation is not only a great working method, but a great philosophy of life;
· Keep looking for a better solution in methodology or contents, keep in mind that there is no BEST , only BETTER;
· Encourage innovation from every individual, complete the system of innovation , with overall innovation in technology, management and business model, the company will keep growing and succeeding.


· All is for customers’ need, bring the best value to the customers;
· Keep sensitive to the demand of customers, our service should be better than what the customers expect;
· Make our customers satisfied and loyal, keep improving our communication skills with customers;
· Maximize the value of customers to maximize the company value.


· Only in a great team, the individual can be excellent, only a environment-friendly company is a company that can keep growing;
· Be active, focus on the value of the whole, to achieve excellent performance of the team;
· Be long-sighted, be broad-minded, keep pursuing great cooperation.

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