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BeiJing Office Contact

Shenzhen DaZhen Barcode Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing office
Address: Beijing City, Haidian District Daliushu Road No. 17 (Lenovo bridge) Fuhai building 2007
Tel: 010-82522465 82522466
Fax: 010-82522464


How to get here:

First, bus lines:
By bus customers can choose the following site of any of the get off to
Take bus 16 road to the North Station Road, opposite the Daliushu
319 (Beijing West Railway Station - Xiyuan)
651 (Xizhimen - spring north station)
Express 103 (Dahongmen garment city - Xisanqi)
Two, chengtie:
Metro Line 2 Xizhimen station can be seen


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